You may not know about weight

It really related to genes
When first discovered, it was called fat gene. Finally, the two genes code politely called FTO is usually 60% likely to become obese than those without. Scientists now suspect that many different genes shark.
Your fat cells are preconfigured
Some people have more than 2 times the number of fat cells than others, according to Kirsty Spalding, PhD Karolina Institute in Stockholm. Weight gain or weight loss will not change the number of fat cells. But Spalding said that it is better that you have a lot of fat cells, rather than less, but there is swelling.
You can change your metabolism
A research team other Nordic say weight gain extra 5kg will slow down your metabolism, making weight loss more difficult. Exercising too much can increase metabolism.
Stress makes you fat
Stress makes you crave foods high carbohydrate snacks levels. These foods may be able to slow the stress hormone, signal generator for your body storing excess fat. So, to take the time to reduce stress to reduce fat.
The gestation period of the mother affects the fate of your weight
Many scientists began to believe that sweet and fatty foods are consumed from the time you were in the womb can make you fat. The expectant mother, be careful observation: women can give their children a better start by eating more carefully before we launch.
The more you go to bed much less fat
Researchers at the University of Chicago, said that lack of sleep creates the hormone leptin decreased (the hormone that helps you feel full) and increases the hormone ghrelin (hormone that helps you feel hungry). So, when we lack sleep, we think we're hungry, while we do not really hungry. Sleep medicine is obese cheapest and easiest.
Weight of Your fiance may influence
A study by the New England Journal drugs recommended that if the fiance of an obese person, that person is likely to be obese 37% higher than the others. Obesity seems to also be spread by social relations.
Achoo! Child obesity virus.
Adenvirus cause a number of diseases, disorders of the upper intestine to other problems of the digestive system. The relationship between this virus and obesity was discovered when researchers at the University Wiconsin virus injected into chickens and to date some strains cause the chicken fat.
Biscuits with addictive
When many people participate in testing centers in Philadelphia Chemistry feeling is to see the names of the dishes they like the part of the brain is stimulated which often irritated when using drugs. Maybe it is related to dopamine, hormones related to motor and pleasure.
The sense of taste is affected
The ear infection can cause destruction some sense of taste is in the middle ear. This reduces the ability to feel the sweetness and fat, makes people eat more infections.

Antioxidants and anti-obesity
Free radicals not only do you get older, but also weaken the signal to help you stop eating. The best way to combat it? Avoid fatty and sugary snacks to eat more fruits and vegetables, colorful, full of antioxidants.
Pick a diet plan.
Here's a secret: all the books weight loss are 4 basic rules of healthy eating:
- Eat carbonhydra form of whole grains and fiber.
- Avoid saturated fats original.
- Eat lean protein
- Eat more fruits and vegetables