How to get beautiful hair

To have a beautiful healthy hair, it is said that we just use shampoo and hair care products is not enough. The hair can tell the condition of your health and your habits. Most women spend a lot of money and time in getting shiny and strong hair. To express your personality, your hair has suffered quite a lot of times of bending, dyeing, stretching ... So, it deserves to be spent all your time and your attention to thorough care. Nevertheless, many women who even spent a lot of time, effort, and money taking care of hair can not owne nice hair. So which are the causes and how to get beautiful hair? The secret to get nice hair is to care from the inside of the food we eat. If you eat foods that are good for your hair you will get beautiful shiny hair easily. Please add to your daily diet the following nutrients:


An eating plan extremely poor in proteins causes baldness. Chicken, turkey, dairy products, eggs and fish, along with vegetarian sources like legumes and nuts, contain excellent levels of protein.


Animal goods like chicken, beef and fish contain highly bioavailable iron. Which means that the iron is a form which is readily accessible through the body. For vegetarians lentils, spinach and other leafy-green veggies like kales, broccoli and salad greens are some of the sources will raise the iron stores.

Vit C.

It boosts collagen production. Collagen fiber fortifies capillaries supplying blood to hair shafts. Guava, blackcurrants, broccoli, kiwi fruits, oranges, blueberries, papaya, yams and strawberries are among the best reasons for Vitamin C.


Within cells lining your scalp, Omega-3s are reasons for oils that keep up with the scalp and hair hydrated. Oily fish like salmon, sardines, trout, herring and mackerel, in addition to plant models like pumpkin seeds, avocado and walnuts are many of the options for Omega-3.

A Vitamin.

Your system needs Vitamin A to produce sebum, an oily component generated by hair skin oil glands to act like a natural conditioner to maintain your scalp healthy. Without this, your hair may dry and scalp itch. Broccoli, spinach and Swiss chard are excellent reasons for vitamins A and C, while-dark green vegetables also contain iron and calcium.